Squash Equipment

The Racquet

Racquet selection is regarded a fundamental aspect of acheiving the desired style of play.

Which Racquet?

Racquets can be categorised into two main groups open (teardrop) or closed racquets. Open throat racquets have a larger string area and therefore generally have a larger sweet spot. This tends to make open throat racquets more suitable for beginners than closed.

The weight of the racquet is also an important consideration. Racquets can range from 90-190g unstrung but mostly it is down to personal preferance. Light weight racquets allow for faster wrist actions. The weight in the head of the racquet makes it easier to control and allows more power but head light racquets allow greater manouverability for quick flick shots and volleys.

The Balls

Training with the correct colour ball can have a large impact on how much you gain from the session.

What colour should I use?

Squash balls need "warming up" before play. The colour you choose should stay warm and lively for the duration of play.

The yellow double dot ball is the official ball of the world squash ferderation and is used in all competitions.

Indoor Shoes

Good shoes are essential for balance, speed and a quick change of pace.

Anything non marking

You must wear indoor shoes that will not leave marks on the court. Squash is a high speed, high impact game. To be in with a chance of playing well appropriate footwear must be worn. Good shoes give you grip and a steady base to push off from when moving to play the ball.

A good pair of shoes will be rigid and protect your ankles to stop them from rolling over. They will also be flexible enough to allow you to push off and move with speed and power


A recent addition to the games attire, worn for increased protection and safety.

Better to be safe than sorry

Your eyesight is a gift and should be protected accordingly


General tips on staying cool and safe in the court.

It gets hot pretty fast!

Squash is a high speed sport requiring a great deal of exertion. It is therefore recommended to wear shorts/skirt and t-shirt to avoid over heating. As with all sports jewellery and caps should not be worn as they may result in injury

Baggy trousers should be avoided, they could be a trip hazard and may result in you damaging more than your dignity