The SquashScorer dream is born

Sat, 15 Sep 2012 10:13:35 +0000

We have all been there, gasping for oxygen summoning all of your strength to play the last few points and then there is a discrepancy with your score, is the umpire right, is the scorer right? How hard can it be to score a few points?! It can totally throw you off your game so why in this day and age are we still using piece of paper to score our matches? Surely there is a better way?! Well here you have it a brand new app idea to help you keep track of the score and MUCH MUCH more…

Conceived by the best squash player in the SquashScorer team, the idea was born partly through frustration and a belief that there must be a better more modern way. We are children of the internet age and love information, we all know data is key to a better understanding, and can be a brilliant way to develop and grow. Obviously, it won’t completely alleviate the stress from an umpires job but at least they can entirely focus on whether the ball was in/out it was a let/stroke and not worry about the scorer keeping track!

Now you can have a point by point break down of all your matches, keeping track of rally lengths, number of lets, strokes and points for future reference! Know when you score most points or if your rallies go to pot as you tire! Or is this when you come into your own? With our analytics and game break down tools all this information and more will easily be available to you!

The more we thought about it, the more we realised the app could do and how little we were really understanding about our own games. We couldn’t remember the score of any minor games in major tournaments, are these people improving around us or are we progressing faster than others? Do we perform better against the same opposition in higher pressure situations or is this when it all falls apart?

Do our rallies get longer towards the start or the end of the game? Do I tire and not run as much? Or am I worse at killing the ball and therefore end up playing longer rallies? How far do I travel while on the court? What is my average swing speed? What is the top swing speed? Ball speeds? Distance travelled?

Other questions that we were curious about? How many calories do I burn during a game of squash? Do I burn more calories during a match or through training? Well our goal is to now find this all out and develop an app to bring this information to the masses!


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